Nadège went from sport, to dance, to theatre, to dance to theatre until all three were so interlinked and entwined that she couldn’t consider her creative path using one discipline without the other.

Her studies took her to the TDMI in Lyon and then she furthered her classical and contemporary training with M.H.Eghayan, the CND in Lyon and the CDC in Grenoble.

Passionate about street theatre and by nature, she trained as an éducatuer grimpe d’arbres, then created her company Duo Des Branches, creating aerial work in and around trees.

She is a dancer and assistant rigger for us in our aerial show Je m’appuie sur toi.

In 2016 she transposed her physical skills to mask work to take on the role of Jurgen for this show, and is known on tour for her good humour and mischievousness.