Jonas Guilhermond is a creator of cardboard furniture for CréaZoe.

CréaZoe is a family business – started by his mother Françoise. The passion for cardboard came from Françoise’s childhood; later, during her work she began to design and create Christmas decorations and board games, and finally, after making a coffee table, the company Créazoe was born.

In 2005 she started to present her work in artisanal and creator’s markets and slowly received commissions.

In 2007, although holding down a full time job she participated in home exhibitions where her furniture in cardboard started to take off.

In 2009 she was able to work for her company full time and in 2011 took on her first full time salary.

In 2010 the company was also invited to be artist in residence in the same same building as Cie Animotion, which is where this collaboration came to fruition.

In 2012 Jonas and Françoise she wrote and designed the magazine “Zoe Cartonne!”, a trimestrial magazine, which is printed by Saxe Editions.

The company runs workshops for children and adults in the creation of cardboard furniture, as well as taking commissions and creating objects from false fireplaces to armchairs, chest of drawers, frames, mini-kitchens for children, beds and decorations.

All of the objects Jonas has made are decorated or painted with non-toxic paint and ecological, reused items. Where possible they create their own paint, and handles are made from things such as old wine box crates, corks, rope.

This year has seen the opening of a second workshop in the north of France, which Françoise has taken over, leaving Jonas in the South of France.

For Silver Moon Jonas has designed and made Olga’s chair, the magical shelves and the fireplace.

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