At Compagnie Animotion, we are very passionate about recycling and up-cylcing, make-do and mend and being as ecological as possible.

At a time where a there is much pressure on families and parents to spend money on presents and Christmas celebrations, we wanted to present a world of simplicity and imagination, where the value of spending time with each other, with family and of simple gestures full of love are highlighted.

We hope that this idea of, ‘back to basics’ will touch a chord in the heart of our audiences.

Our other aims with this show are :

* The creation of a high quality arts piece accessible to all, Deaf, hearing and audiences whose first language isn’t English.

* Promote ecological living and recycling through recycled set and props

* Show an alternative non-commercial attitude to Christmas

* Show friendship breaking down class

* Promote intergenerational family time, storytelling and sharing